Tips for Making Great Blogs for Content Marketing

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Blog

Inbound marketing allows you to get customers to actively seek your business, and when looking at the top inbound strategies, blogging definitely shows up. When blogging, in fact, business-to-business marketer see around 67% more leads than their non-blogging counterparts. Of course, this is only true if you are blogging right.

Blogging Consistently

Regardless of the marketing strategy your company undertakes, you must be consistent with it. This holds true in blogging more than other areas. Once your blog catches on with consumers, they will start expecting new posts consistently. If this does not happen, these consumers usually find their way to other blogs. You will also see increases in search engine reach if you maintain your blog consistently.

Do Not Forget Search Engine Optimization

Blogging, along with all content marketing, is great because it brings in people who may have just been looking for information online. This occurs when you optimize your content for search engines. Always remember this while penning your posts. Your opening paragraph, headers and even image file names should contain industry keywords and cities you work in, and if this is done effectively, your blogs could find top spots on search engines.

All Blog Content Should Be Scannable

Bloggers are now nearly as trusted as family and friends, but this statistics does not really matter if people are not reading your full blog. To make sure consumers are getting through your content, your blogs must be easily scannable. Paragraphs should remain short, and you should utilize images and sub-headers to separate sections of content. Consumers will find your content easier to digest, so they will be around long enough for you to earn their trust.

In the world of marketing, blogging has quickly become one of the big players. Make sure you are following the aforementioned tips if you hope to capitalize on the power of blogs.