Marketing to Both Millennials and Generation Z

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How to Simultaneously Target Millennials and Gen Z In 2016, Millennials exceeded Baby Boomers as the largest American age cohort when they numbered over 75 million. Not soon thereafter, Generation Z became the largest age cohort, making up 25 percent of the population. This means small businesses find themselves with the need to market to both of the major age demographics in the USA. Luckily, it’s possible to appeal to both all at once. Less Attention on Brand Loyalty It is really important to create loyal customers, but entrepreneurs in the modern world need to realize that young adults do not put too much thought into brand loyalty. If they find a better product or value, Millennials and Gen Z youth will quickly jump ship. And that means you must focus on creating an excellent product and providing great customer support. In the end, your advertising and marketing should focus on these values. Broadcast Social Responsibility The internet was getting enormous around the time Millennials were hitting their teen years. Those in Generation Z grew up with the exact technology from infancy. This means they constantly had facts at their fingertips, and they quickly learned the value of social responsibility. Social responsibility is so essential to these consumers, in fact, that they will often make their choice in businesses based on that aspect. Volunteer in the district. Host charity events. Start taking measures to “go green.” As you do this, though, make sure you mention it in your social media posts. Market More than the Product While great products are important, young adults also care greatly about their experience. If they have the option of sitting in a normal restaurant or occupying an eatery with great ambiance and live music, they will opt for the latter. Make your company an experience to be enjoyed, and the young age cohorts of today will flock in. We have always known that the youth of the USA is our future, but ever more, they are also our present. Internet marketers need to focus on attracting these young age cohorts. By doing so, they will assure their business stays relevant well into the...

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Marketing Lessons from Negan on The Walking Dead

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3 Marketing Suggestions Taken Directly from Negan on The Walking Dead Negan kept such a close eye on Rick’s group that they were able to speedily surround them after predicting their every move. Local business owners should take a hint and watch their own competition. When the company posts something new on their social media page or offers a new campaign, it is time to take notice. After all, if it can be useful for them, it will work well for others. Keep an Eye on the Opposition Negan was watching Rick’s group so closely that they were able to foresee exactly where the group would run and surround them in an instant. Online marketers need to do this with their competition as well. Keep an eye on what they are posting on facebook and what new offers they are advertising. If something works well for them, it wouldn’t hurt to take a similar route. Turn Workers into Marketing and advertising Ambassadors Negan’s followers are an eccentric and crazed bundle, but they all serve as motivated ambassadors. Season 6 of the show focused heavily on Negan and the danger he posed, but fans never even saw his face until the last moments of the season finale. This is because his employees were powerful ambassadors. Local companies should take this lesson to heart. This is notably true since 80 percent of corporations with employee advocacy strategies report better brand visibility. Give workers branded t-shirts for free or share videos of them taken on the job. Offer prizes to whoever recommends the biggest number of new customers or send them out to community events in exchange for a day off. Whatever it takes, establish ambassadors like Negan’s… except for the killing part, obviously. Establish Local Relationships In both the comics and the television show, Negan goes around to nearby communities and makes deals with the locals. These are usually unfair to the given community, but the deal is created nonetheless. Local business owners should also make connections with other nearby companies. Simple things like putting the other place’s business cards in the lobby can create a working...

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How Local Businesses Can Benefit from Facebook Live

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How Local Companies Can Benefit from Facebook Live Video has swiftly become a dominant marketing device in the digital world. In fact, video posts on Facebook gain a 135 percent better organic reach than usual image posts. This information alone shows just how crucial the new Facebook Live tool can be for marketing and advertising purposes. The higher reach is not the only benefit, though, and local businesses will see a variety of advantages from using the service. Combines Offline and online Marketing Even though sales is in its digital age, it does not mean offline marketing is a thing of the past. Organizations can still do quite well by attending local festivals, sponsoring neighborhood charities and even hosting events. Not every fan can attend these affairs, but they can certainly catch them via Facebook Live. Enhanced Marketing Metrics on Facebook Facebook has long provided resources that allowed business owners to track their reach on the site. Instead of seeing how many people liked or shared a post, page owners can actually see how many people viewed the post. Managing this user-friendly image, Facebook Live also comes with several analytics tools. In addition to seeing just how many people viewed the video, Facebook Live also gives metrics on the peak concurrent viewers and the number of people who are viewing the video at any given time. This means marketers can see the exact moment their viewership decreased, and they can use this data to improve their video marketing. Facebook Assists with Promotion Facebook Live is still in its infancy, so the social media giant is doing its best to promote the program. This means Live videos often end up near the top of people’s newsfeeds. Additionally, Facebook will often send a notification when a page a fan likes starts a live broadcast. This cost-free advertising may not last forever, so local business owners should take advantage now. Social media sites are constantly trying out new things, and in some cases, their ideas fall flat. This is not the case with Facebook Live. The new device is doing everything from causing social change to promoting business events. If company owners utilize the tool correctly, there is no limit on how successful they can...

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Marketing Mistakes You Must Stop Making Before 2017

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Marketing Errors That Could Destroy 2017 For Businesses The Small Business Administration (SBA) of America recommends that organizations making under $5 million a year spend about 8 percent of their budget on marketing and advertising. While this is great advice, it really doesn’t amount to much if an efficient marketing strategy is not in place. And even if you have awesome marketing ideas, a small amount of simple errors can destroy them. That is why every organization needs to erase these. Not really Making Marketing a Priority Many firms, especially local companies, feel that they have bigger things to worry about than marketing. Sure, they might put a bit of time into it, but they often view marketing as a part-time job. This is specifically the case when it comes to social media and video marketing. In 2017, you must recognize that this thought is folly. If you are not going all in on your marketing systems, you are only hurting yourself. Thinking Social Media Is No cost Individuals can sign up for Facebook, Twitter and a variety of other social media platforms and never pay a dime. Businesses can do this as well, but they likely will end up thinking social media is a moot marketing tool. Thanks to chaotic feeds, social media giants don’t prioritize business posts. Something has to be really engaging for it to pick up speed. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. With everyone receiving information overload, it will sometimes be vital to spend a few dollars to extend your reach. Since you can target specific audiences, though, this isn’t always a bad idea. Compromising Customers Over Prospects You have likely had a cable provider offer a great deal, but when you called in, they said you were ineligible. Why? Because you are already a customer. It does not hurt to focus on bringing in new prospects, but this can’t be at the cost of upsetting current clients. Offer promotions to garner potential customers, but make sure you take note of your loyal followers as well. Advertising is not necessarily about doing what is right. It is also imperative to avoid doing something wrong. The previous list is far from all-inclusive, but if you can stay away from these mistakes, you will be a step ahead of many of your competitors in...

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Why Businesses Should Outsource Their Social Media Marketing

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3 Reasons You Must Outsource Your Social Media Marketing Use Time for What Is Necessary Projecting the Unpredictable There will always be things that are unpredictable in the marketing world, but having a professional on board can minimize these surprises. The fact of the matter is that social media marketers spend their time navigating the complex marketing world that is social media. They can predict trends, understand what makes content successful and are aware of the nuances between different platforms. They get paid to do this, so they most likely do it better than you. Gives Your Time Back Budding entrepreneurs sometimes think they can run a prosperous social media marketing campaign with just a single post daily. This simply is not the case. Social media needs constant engagement, and if you do this yourself, you have effectively lost the time you would otherwise use to make your company a success. Effective social media marketing requires a large time commitment, and if you outsource, that commitment won’t cut into your time. Improved Accountability Far too many organizations have been ruined after sometimes innocent social media posts were taken wrong by the public. Other times, a firm’s social page makes a outright statement that results in upset customers. Typically, though, this does not occur when you outsource. Social media managers know the principles of the game, so they are much less inclined to say something insensitive or that will dig your enterprise into a hole. If you are effective at successfully handling your own social media marketing, you are a rare breed. The simple truth is that most internet marketers do not have the amount of time or experience to run an effective strategy. Fortunately, outsourcing this task no longer costs an arm and a leg and can revitalize your business. Akili Apps offers outsourcing services for your social media! ┬áTo learn more click the...

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Customer Retention Methods that can Boost Sales

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How to increase Revenue through Customer Retention You can’t have a successful business without satisfied clients. Customer retention tactics can help in this endeavor, but some of these techniques and strategies can also put more cash in your pocket. Pursuing the above strategies will keep your clients around while simultaneously maximizing profits. Establish a Customer Loyalty Program Almost all people only think of sub sandwich punch cards when they hear about customer loyalty programs. As it so happens, though, a company owner in just about any industry can easily establish their own loyalty program. This will help keep customers returning to your company. Even better than that, however, is the fact that they will be inspired to spend more so they can reach their loyalty reward. Connect with Former Customers Clients who haven’t made a purchase order in some time are not necessarily former customers. In many cases, they simply haven’t been properly stimulated to come back in. Research has shown that the possibility of an existing customer making a purchase is upwards of 70 percent. Alternatively, the probability of selling to a new prospect is 20 percent at best. Utilize as many strategies as possible to bring back those who have already made a purchase. Have Better Customer Service Training Even if they don’t provide it, most budding entrepreneurs understand the significance of great customer service. Those who do provide it, though, probably do not understand the full scale of how important it is. Statistics show that shoppers are four times as likely to go to the competition if their problem is related to service rather than your product or price. From additional training to answering negative online reviews, do what you can to offer astounding customer service. Keeping customers happy is necessary for making an effective business. Luckily, customer retention is not an exercise focused solely on keeping people around. If done properly, you will hold onto loyal customers while consistently increasing...

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Why Small Businesses Must Make Mobile Marketing a Priority

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Why Every Small Business Must Focus on Mobile Marketing Throughout most of history, commerce meant walking into a shop and doing business. Thanks to the internet, though, people can now do this from the comfort of home. As technology continued to develop, commerce relocated to mobile devices. Before 2018, in fact, it is forecasted that mobile devices will make up over 24 percent of e-commerce profit. Mobile marketing is crucial to benefit from this fact. Whenever a buyer is ready to buy via smart phone, your marketing message needs to be accessible. Mobile Commerce is Taking Over In past times, commerce was relegated to face-to-face, in-person shopping. Once the internet became trusted, however, commerce hit the World Wide Web. Now, however, people are spending more and more money via their mobile devices. In fact, one study found that 24.4 percent of e-commerce profit will be associated with mobile devices by 2018. Mobile marketing is the best way to tap into this. When people are ready to buy things via smartphone, your mobile marketing message is essential. Getting Personal with Customers Entrepreneurs are starting to focus on personalized marketing, and in reality, what could be more personal than speaking to consumers through their mobile devices? Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and in most cases, they are carrying it continually. With mobile marketing, one can market to consumers based on their proximity to a location. Mobile promotion is the best way to really get close to potential customers. Pay attention to Google If you are unable to think of a strong reason to prioritize mobile marketing, the fact that Google is demanding it should be adequate. Having a great search ranking is vital, but Google has decided to penalize sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. If you have not yet committed to mobile responsiveness and reaching out to consumers via mobile, you are likely suffering in search rankings. While improving technology grants us many new tools to boost revenue, it also from time to time adds to our workloads. Fortunately, the additional work to focus on mobile marketing will pay off. With the right strategy, your mobile marketing can take your local business to new...

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Analytics Mistakes that Local Businesses Must Avoid

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The Analytics Mistakes Company Owners Must Avoid Many companies hire others to handle their analytics for them because of its complexity. Even if you are handling your own analytics, or just enjoy reviewing your data, recognizing these mistakes can help you make smarter use of the data at hand. Thinking Correlation Means Causation Statistics demonstrate that violent crime rates go up as ice cream sales increase. This is a correlation, but it does not necessarily mean ice cream causes violent crime. In fact, the two actually rise as the weather gets warmer. Never think that your site traffic increasing or decreasing is definitely related to a concurrently running online marketing strategy. Delve deeper into the analytics to find out if they are really related. Failing to Filter Out Internal Traffic Analytics tools will record the quantity of people visit your website on any given day. Unless you have set everything up correctly, though, this will include internal traffic. This is traffic coming from your own company, and since personnel may need to visit the site multiple times a day, it can really throw off the results. Fortunately, you can rule out your company’s IP address from the results, but if you choose not to, remember that internal traffic is not really indicative of a great campaign. Counting Views as if they are Visits It cannot be understated that webpage visits are different than webpage views. If a customer is doing research and visits 12 of your pages, that is still only one customer. If you foolishly believe that 12 page views are unique visitors, the analysis of your current online strategy will be far from accurate. Correctly using analytics can be puzzling, and this is why many organizations hire third parties to handle it for them. Whether you are handling analytics yourself or simply want to see your numbers, avoiding the aforementioned mistakes can go very far in better understanding the...

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Akili Apps Newsletters 2016

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Check out our September 2016 issue!

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Using Local Marketing to get Your Business Found

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Realize That Signage Is Not Flexible Get Listed In Local Directories Customers no longer have to check a dozen different sites to find a small business they are looking for. Thanks to local directories, they can now seek out the industry they are looking for and compare and contrast local companies based on reviews, location and a variety of other factors. That is why it is so important to be listed on these pages and claim them if possible. Yelp, Bing Places, Google My Business and Yahoo Local are great places to get started. Ask for Online Reviews Shoppers now heavily utilize review sites to choose who they will do business with. Having consumer testimonials on these sites won’t just let others see what you are all about, but it also improves your SEO and online visibility. Take into account, however, that these sites do not allow you to solicit positive reviews. You can offer bonuses, though, for clients to leave honest reviews. Use Visible Signage While some now think that online marketing is the only important type of promotion, offline marketing certainly is not dead. One of the necessary aspects of local marketing and getting found is to have recognizable signage onsite. Unfortunately, studies show that 28 percent of businesses do not even have signs on-site. Consequently, even if you are found online, clients could be bypassing your organization for someone easier to find. Marketing is critical for a successful company, but it means nothing if customers cannot find you. This is where local marketing comes in, and if it’s done right, new clients will have no problem finding and frequenting your...

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