Automated Lead Generation

Our 100% “Done for You” solution turns leads into an automated source of high quality, targeted leads who call or contact you so you don’t have to do any more cold


Automated Sales Follow-up

Follow-up for Life automates your sales follow-up just by taking a picture with your phone of your sales lead’s business card. Increase your sales and income by 200-300% by automating your sales follow-up.

Increase Sales 200-300%

More than 80% of sales happen after 5-12 contacts – yet, 90% of sales people make no more than 3 contacts. 48% stop after just one contact.

Why? Because following up in the right way is too hard to do. Stop losing sales and money. Increase your sales and income 200-300% by automating your follow-up. 

Managed Lead Renewal

You’ve generated thousands of leads in the past but failed to nurture them over time.

We can help you renew your relationship with those dead leads and generate new business from them. 

Managed Marketing Automation

We will manage the automation of your lead generation, management and follow-up solutions for your business, website and sales team.

We can develop a custom solution to fit your company, goals, and objectives. 

Custom Solutions

While we offer 100% ‘done for you’ solutions, all of our solutions can be customized as much, or as little as you like to fit your own voice and objectives.

Work alone with our helpful instruction and videos, or engage one of our marketing automation experts to develop and manage a custom solution that fits your needs. 

100% ‘Done for You’ Solutions

We don’t believe in just selling you tools, regardless of the value of their feature set. The main focus is running your business or doing your job – not in becoming an expert at marketing automation, lead generation, lead renewal or lead follow-up solutions.

All of our solutions are 100% ‘done for you’ out of the box, requiring only as much time as we need to make sure they deliver the results you need and the ROI you expect.