3 Tips for Improving Your Local Marketing Strategy

Posted by on Jan 9, 2017 in Blog

3 Strategies that Can Improve Your Local Marketing Game Teaming up with other local businesses can also provide a fantastic local strategy. Find companies that aren’t your competitors but have customers that are likely to need your service as well. Car rental businesses and hotels, for instance, are typically fine with handing out restaurant menus. If you run a floral boutique, you would be smart to team up with a bridal shop. Businesses that are not your direct competitors will often see the benefit in a mutually beneficial partnership. Get Out into the Community Local marketing for your firm, they cannot replace getting out there into the community. You want to do this yourself. Ask a few staff members to attend local events to promote the corporation. Better yet, get involved in charitable events and promote them through other marketing channels. People love socially responsible businesses, so do your best to become one. Work with Other Local Organizations Another great method of local marketing is working with other programs. Seek out businesses that are not in direct competition with you but whose customers may be interested in your product or service. If you own a bistro, take menus to local inns and car rental places. If you are a florist, trade business cards or pamphlets with bridal shops. As long as a company isn’t competing against you, they typically will have no problem with a quid pro quo relationship. Ask for Reviews from Customers While an advertising and marketing expert can ask people to review your service through online means, it is up to you to get on the front line and request these testimonials. Reviews are a significant part to local marketing. They enhance your SEO score and let locals know they can trust your enterprise. Remember, though, that you can’t offer incentives for positive reviews. You can, however, offer incentives for a client’s sincere opinion. In the grand scheme of things, all business is local. This is especially essential for small businesses to remember. And although hiring a marketing expert to handle the heavy hauling is a smart move, there are still some things you need to do all by yourself to...

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How Local Businesses Can Compete in the SEO World

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David and Goliath: Competing in SEO with Large Enterprises Although it can be wearisome, local business owners acknowledge just how necessary search engine optimization (SEO) is for making their firm successful. If you snag Google’s top spot, for instance, your page will garner a click-through rate of almost 35 percent. If you are a private business owner, though, it may be hard to overcome competition from large corporations. If you remember these steps, though, your SEO strategy can still pay off huge. Opt for Long Tail Keywords There are basic keywords that naturally fit into your market. Unfortunately, it is difficult to contest with the big names on these search terms. Instead, focus on creating long tail keywords that people are likely to search for. A swimming pool store, for instance, could go for the keyword ‘above ground swimming pool installed’ instead of ‘swimming pool store.’ Big brands reduce time on long tail keywords, so you have a better chance of cornering the market. Concentrate Locally Around Fifty percent of people engaged in local searches will visit a company within a day. This statistic alone is enough to prove you should put time into local SEO. By doing this, though, you will also better compete with big brands. Wal-Mart, Target, McDonald’s and other large corporations do not typically invest much in local SEO. After all, they’d have to spend money and create large amounts of content for every locale they have a presence in. Add your city and surrounding city names to your long tail keywords for nice results. Never Skimp on the Content massive corporations have domain authority, great backlinks and large resource pools. What they sometimes fail to focus on, though, is content marketing. They often simply don’t have time to create blogs, infographics or other content that focuses on specific niches. This means that, if you put out wonderful content persistently, people will see you as a trusted industry source. This will lead to more backlinks, more social engagement and a variety of other effective factors that will help your organization compete. Search engine optimization is the best thing you can do for your website. And as it turns out, you really can take on significant corporations in the SEO field. With the right techniques, you could even...

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Why Google+ is Still Effective for Marketing

Posted by on Dec 12, 2016 in Blog

Why Google is Still Beneficial for Marketing and advertising Amazing User Base Everybody Has One Okay, not everyone has a Google account, but a crazy number of people do. In fact, there are 2.2 billion Google accounts out there. Facebook, however, has around 1.79 billion active users on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, one study showed that the bulk of Google accounts are rarely active. When the number of accounts is considered along with the other benefits of Google , though, the disadvantages don’t seem as terrible. Instantly Get Indexed Whenever you post content or update pages on your site, it takes a while before Google indexes the latest content. When you post something on Google , however, the search engine that just about everyone uses immediately indexes the new information. With your new content promptly indexed, you can see quick results in the search engine optimization (SEO) arena. Posting your blogs on the site can help you rank higher for keywords and even get you temporarily placed at the top of Google rankings. Even users that don’t actively post or view content on Google may end up seeing your site thanks to SEO. An Involved Demographic Exists Although estimates vary, some believe the volume of active monthly Google users sits around 375 million. Thankfully, these users are all highly engaged. This can really be worthwhile if these people fall into your target demographic. Over 70 percent of users, for instance, are male. The main professions on the site? Engineers, developers, instructors and designers. If your target audience is in these demographics, you may want to rethink Google for advertising and marketing. Keep in mind that you probably should not sacrifice other marketing platforms to use Google . Just take a moment to try out the site again. You will see if it is working in almost no time, and you can use that information to adjust your strategy if...

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What Back to the Future Taught Us About Marketing

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3 Things Back to the Future Taught Us About Marketing Marty knew how vital it was to repurpose old popular content. If you are marketing and advertising an online business, you should too. Find your older well-performing content. After finding it, make updates, expand the content or take the time to repurpose it into new models like infographics. This could especially pay off considering 63 percent of enterprises using infographics say they’re effective. Consistency Is Crucial In the film, Marty had no choice but to get his parents together. Even when difficulties arose, he remained persistent in achieving his goal until it paid off. You must do this with marketing and advertising as well. It isn’t enough to post a blog or update social media once a week. You must consistently market to your target audience, or they’re going to stop listening. Oldies Are Still Goodies One of the most well-known scenes in the movie is when Marty performed ‘Johnny B. Goode’ to the crowd at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. To the students, it was a brand new song, but to Marty, it was nearly 30 years old. Marty appreciated the value in repurposing old content. As a marketer or business owner, you should too. Find some of your old content that performed well. Once you obtain it, do an instant update, expand upon the content or change it into a different format such as an infographic. Since 63 percent of companies report that infographics are effective, this is a particularly great idea. Pay Attention to What The Heck Is Working Young Marty realized that the sweet approach from his father was not working. His mom appeared to be more attracted to dominant males, so he used this knowledge to make his dad more inviting. You must also keep track of the strategies that are working for your business. If they paid off once, build upon that good results and focus on mimicking your first taste of marketing success. It is not always a good idea to take marketing tips from a movie, but ‘Back to the Future’ certainly bucks this trend. Totally focus on the aforementioned lessons, and your marketing strategy will be going 88 miles per hour in no...

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Creating Exciting Content in Less than Exciting Industries

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Constructing Exciting Content in Less than Exciting Industries Content marketing has speedily become a critical device in promoting any organization. This is without a doubt why 88 percent of B2B and 76 percent of B2C companies utilize the tactic. For the strategy to be efficient, though, content must be engaging and appealing. This can in some cases prove difficult in sectors that seem boring. Fortunately, there are a few ways around this. Add a Sense of Humor If a blog or article will prove helpful to consumers, many will overlook its boring nature. This does not mean all of them will, though. Because of this, content creators should interject humor whenever they get the chance. While it may seem not professional, marketers need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Sure it might not sound like industry speak, but do most customers want to read that anyhow? Compose Local Content While it might appear ideal to create content that people in every state will enjoy, this isn’t exactly necessary for most local companies. With this in mind, take time to create content that targets events, people or anything else going on in the local community. Consider individuals who never watch the evening news. If they suddenly know that they or a friend will be on it that evening, there is very little doubt that they will be tuning in. This is the same with content marketing. Even in a monotonous industry, people are likely to be interested if content somehow relates to where they call home. Split the Content Even if you focus on writing locally and let your sense of humor show, some industries are just so technical that content must stay specific. If this is the case, take measures to break down the content on a page. Apply bullet points, headers, small paragraphs and images. Each of these things makes content more digestible, and consumers will be less inclined to feel overwhelmed or bored. Whether you are in shipping, development or any other industry that might come off as uninteresting, you do not have to create boring content. By following these rules and striving to build useful content, consumers will still find good reasons to visit your...

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