What Back to the Future Taught Us About Marketing

Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Blog

3 Things Back to the Future Taught Us About Marketing

Marty knew how vital it was to repurpose old popular content. If you are marketing and advertising an online business, you should too. Find your older well-performing content. After finding it, make updates, expand the content or take the time to repurpose it into new models like infographics. This could especially pay off considering 63 percent of enterprises using infographics say they’re effective.

Consistency Is Crucial

In the film, Marty had no choice but to get his parents together. Even when difficulties arose, he remained persistent in achieving his goal until it paid off. You must do this with marketing and advertising as well. It isn’t enough to post a blog or update social media once a week. You must consistently market to your target audience, or they’re going to stop listening.

Oldies Are Still Goodies

One of the most well-known scenes in the movie is when Marty performed ‘Johnny B. Goode’ to the crowd at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. To the students, it was a brand new song, but to Marty, it was nearly 30 years old.

Marty appreciated the value in repurposing old content. As a marketer or business owner, you should too. Find some of your old content that performed well. Once you obtain it, do an instant update, expand upon the content or change it into a different format such as an infographic. Since 63 percent of companies report that infographics are effective, this is a particularly great idea.

Pay Attention to What The Heck Is Working

Young Marty realized that the sweet approach from his father was not working. His mom appeared to be more attracted to dominant males, so he used this knowledge to make his dad more inviting. You must also keep track of the strategies that are working for your business. If they paid off once, build upon that good results and focus on mimicking your first taste of marketing success.

It is not always a good idea to take marketing tips from a movie, but ‘Back to the Future’ certainly bucks this trend. Totally focus on the aforementioned lessons, and your marketing strategy will be going 88 miles per hour in no time.